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Our Practice


Here at MB Podiatry our aim is simple - to offer affordable treatment  with high quality service. We pride ourselves on offering up to date evidence based treatment modalities to get you better and keep you mobile as efficiently as possible.


Marc Barton the lead Podiatrist has over 20 years experience in all aspects of foothealth. Marc has worked in the NHS since 1999 and has specialised in a number of departments over this time including routine Chiropody clinics, the community diabetic Clinic, Nail Surgery and the musculoskeletal ( biomechanics ) department where he currently holds a lead clinician post and works 2 days per week. His caseload is made up of paediatrics (children) and adult musculoskeletal conditions. Marc is a member of he children's podiatry special advisory group - A national group of podiatrists who work and advise within the area of paediatric podiatry. Marc helps plan and has lectured at their annual conference. He works closely with orthopaedic consultants, rheumatology consultants, physiotherapists and osteopaths.


New Patient?


As a new patient you will benefit from a comprehensive foot assessment from our Podiatrist. We take into account your health as a whole, we will assess the  vascular status  (circulation) and neurological status (appreciation of sensation, pressure and temperature) of your feet. We will assess your general foothealth and advise or tailor a treatment plan to take care of your needs and address any lower limb problems that you may have.

Marc is registered with the health and care professions council (HCPC) and is a member of the college of Podiatry (MCPod). In order to be registered with the HCPC a practitioner must have undertaken a certain level of education and training and also be able to demonstrate continuous professional development. This makes sure that the latest skills are upheld and that patients can be confident that a practitioner is suitably qualified.

Whether its a corn troubling you, a painful ankle or heel we'll diagnose and set you on the path to recovery

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